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Tagdeo is a German company that provides dynamic QR codes for various use cases.

Dynamic QR codes are QR codes that can be edited and updated with new information, even after they have been created and distributed. This allows for greater flexibility in using QR codes for marketing, advertising, and other purposes. With Tagdeo, users can create dynamic QR codes for free and customize them with a variety of design options. The company offers a range of subscription plans for businesses and individuals who require additional features, such as analytics, password protection, and custom domains.


Marketing and advertising: QR codes can be used to link to promotional content, product information, or special offers.

Some of the use cases for Tagdeo's dynamic QR codes include: Events and conferences: QR codes can be used to provide attendees with schedules, maps, and other event-related information. Retail and e-commerce: QR codes can be used to link to product pages, reviews, or additional information about a particular item. Overall, Tagdeo's dynamic QR codes offer a versatile and customizable solution for businesses and individuals who want to use QR codes as part of their marketing or communication strategies.