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#1 QR Code Generator tagdeo:
finally a QR Code with editable URL-s

With the new QR code generator from tagdeo you can generate QR codes in no time and keep the generated QR code permanently. The target URL for your QR code has changed? No problem, with tagdeo the URL remains editable and without the created QR code changing! You only need to enter your link in the appropriate field. When scanning, users are immediately taken to the website that is to be promoted.

Bussines case model:

App Features

#2 The advantages of tagdeo

Dynamic QR codes

Edit and change your QR codes anytime.

QR code statistics

Track your QR codes statistics.

Download your QR code

Download as .png or .svg, .eps .

Multiple URL-s

Redirect users based on their device.

#3 QR code generator tagdeo: become more visible and increase sales

With tagdeo you can generate QR Codes quickly and easily. With the help of such a code, websites can be opened without having to enter the domain name in the browser. The code is simply scanned with the smartphone and the corresponding website opens on the end device. QR codes are ideal for printed advertising materials, which can now be linked to all online advertising measures.

What is a dynamic QR code?

Awkward, very long links detract from the readability and aesthetics of content presented on websites and print materials. A short, dynamic QR code can do much more here. A dynamic QR code is a QR code with a short redirect URL encoded in it. The content you communicate is not stored in the code itself, as is the case with static QR codes, but is located on another website to which the dynamic QR code leads you.

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Download & share QR code

How do you create a link as QR Codes on tagdeo?

After registering, you can use the QR code generator tagdeo immediately. If your account has been activated, go to the relevant page in the interface and enter your link in the search mask. Download your QR code as an image file in png, svg or eps format and embed it anywhere in your personal print material. tagdeo offers you even more features: Using current QR code statistics, you can track the scans made and get a detailed overview of the download history.

For which applications are dynamic URL QR codes suitable?

Convert your website link into a QR code and use it on all kinds of materials such as product packaging or advertising flyers. With a Dynamic URL QR Code, you can refer your users to links via the QR Code itself and via the automatically generated short URL, so you enjoy a double advantage. Regardless of whether you are a real estate agent selling houses, writing weekly menus in your restaurant or want to draw attention to campaigns as a retailer, the wide range of possible uses of dynamically generated QR codes means that significant sales increases are possible.

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